Fruit Picking Experience

Fruit Picking Experience

Wakayama as fruit prefecture provides you with fruit picking experience of many kinds any season you visit all year around, but autumn is the busy season to start the cultivation of mikan (mandarin orange) of which Wakayama has the 2nd largest catches in Japan. mikan

In Hidakagawa Town, Anchin arranges a variety of fruits picking experience all year around.



Strawberry : January – May

Mikan : October – mid December

Melon : late June – August


Strawberry :

  [All you can eat] 1,100 yen

Mikan :

  [All you can eat] 500 yen (including 1kg take-home bag)

Melon :

  [Picking] 1,200 yen (includuing a little piece of tasting)

–> only after around 15 July available
[All you can eat]  2,500 yen (including a melon for take-home)

Website (Japanese only)
Contact TEL: 0738-24-1500
Access 10 minutes drive from Kawabe IC or Gobo IC
Parking facilities Available for groups and FITs